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How to Live Like James Bond in Real Life

How would you like to travel around the world, seduce beautiful women, and have the adventure of a lifetime? How would like to feel like James Bond when you stepped off the airplane in a foreign country? I’m sure you’d love that. In this article, I’ll tell you how you can live and feel like James Bond in today’s world.

The first step in developing a lifestyle similar to James Bond’s is to set yourself up with a mobile income. There are several ways you can do this. One great way is to become a freelance writer or web designer. You can also negotiate a remote work agreement with your current job. Other options are affiliate marketing or creating an information product.

The second step is to begin studying the art of attraction. You need to get out there and begin to talking to women as much as possible. Approach as women you can and study the social interaction. You might also want to focus on developing a unique style for yourself. Most guys could use a fashion upgrade.

The third step is to get some travel under your belt. I recommend that you visit locations where the dollar or pound are strong and your money will go further. Asia and South America are two great options. When you’re traveling through areas like this you’ll be able to sustain a much higher standard of living because of the strength of your currency.

Living like James Bond in real life is very possible today given the explosion of technology and the proliferation of the internet. You can develop a mobile income and travel to exotic locations very easily today.

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