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Simple Top 4 Tips to Increase Confidence

Setting and achieving your goals will increase confidence. Not only will your days be productive but you will foster and develop trust and belief in your skill and abilities. It is important to achieve these small successes and build confidence because there seems to be so many tasks, risks, obstacles and challenges to face and overcome.

As we handle each situation, step by step, we feel assured not only will the goal become reality but we can fully play our part in it. If we unconsciously look at each assignment as daunting and just too much to handle, this will considerable slow down our progress or stop it altogether.

As we learn how to be confident, we can tackle other “giants” and realize we can beat those too. We must be aware to daily build and maintain confidence. It is an imperative personality trait to have in participating fully in life.

The ability to increase confidence is an on-going process. Yes, we can reach some levels of confidence but if too many disappointments happen one after another, self-doubt will be on the other side of life’s door.

These steps are simple but sometimes even the simple can be overlooked.

1. Identify your successes. Always keep in mind your previous successes. Write them down if you must. Keep them handy or post them where it will be easily visible. This will remind you in slow times of progression that you have the ability not to just do something right but do something great.

2. Set goals. We cannot afford to sit down and celebrate too long on our previous successes or we will find ourselves always speaking in terms of what happened in the past, which is a sure sign of feeling stuck. Writing business goals will keep our eyes set to the future and self confidence rises as we accomplish each objective.

3. Keep a positive mental attitude. For some, this is easier said than done but remaining positive is imperative for building confidence. When we can keep a balanced optimistic view and an upbeat attitude, positive behavior and actions follow.

4. Remember that no one is perfect. Each of us has the ability to mess up and make mistakes. It is inevitable. But we must learn to use those times as stepping stones on our way to our next level.

Increasing confidence is a personal responsibility. It is a good idea to start today

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