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You Are Your Own Guru!

A person who has made up their mind to lose weight, acquire wealth, repair a relationship, or attain any other personal goal often looks towards the self-help section, where a multitude of gurus promise the answer to these and other problems confronting us in life. But as someone once said, there is nothing new under the sun. The answers that these gurus are offering are answers that you most likely already know. You know that you need to eat a sensible diet and exercise to lose weight. You know that you need to spend less than you earn to acquire wealth. And the answers that most gurus are offering are already easily found in another book – the Bible (if the guru is any good, that is). So, keep in mind that change comes within yourself, and no book or course can make a difference that you yourself cannot. I’m not saying not to seek help from others, and you may wish to adopt advice that is sensible from teachers around you. Mostly what these teachers and gurus are offering is inspiration, and again you will find this in abundance in the Bible (start with proverbs).

There are some methods that are described in self-improvement books that are helpful for people trying to break habits such as excessive drinking, smoking, etc. These methods generally talk about different ways you may program your mind and which implies you may teach your brain to act & respond in a certain way. Changing methods cannot increase the speed of the process; and you may not find success just by relying on a particular method. What you are likely to do is spend a lot of money seeking change if you chasing after every new self-improvement book and course the gurus come up with on a weekly basis, and not achieving anything worthwhile for yourself. Self-improvement takes time, determination and the will to follow your course once you have selected it. As you obtain one goal, the next will be more easily obtained. This is one reason why it is so important to set small, easily achievable goals at the onset, which is what most teachers will tell you.

Self-help is an important tool for discovering ways & tricks to tackle new problems on your own. Once you start to focus on goals and how to achieve them, your mind will automatically start to put solutions together for you. Your mind is constantly thinking anyway; it is up to you whether you give it challenges to solve or dwell on why things are so bad. If you break your problems into small, achievable goals for your mind to work on, it will begin constantly working on how you will be able to develop yourself or find effectual ways to getting to the top position in any specific field that you choose for yourself.

Remember to take things one step at a time, and remember that self-improvement is a one day at a time process. Persistence will pay off by providing you with inner stability, self-confidence, self-esteem and success in whichever field of endeavor you undertake.

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